In the Dead of Winter: Issue Seventeen Action Shots

This week I donned a Safety Pin Review story for the first time in over two months.

In Memoriam

The meetinghouse next to our school serves as a daycare on weekdays. There’s a playground there that Graham and I thought would be the ideal setting for a series of contemplative photos. The snow was perfect. There has been more since then. The ice comes tonight.

There Was Kids Here

Meanwhile, the story has been shuttling along with me from lecture to lecture. I’m enrolled in a biology course this semester with about ninety other students. My seat is towards the middle. People have read it; I know eyes and attention wander during those lectures.

We Are All Buried Here

“Your back-poem is really depressing.”

“Thank you. They tend to be.”

“You should include one with the word ‘smile’ or something.”

“Well. We’ll see. Maybe ‘grimace.'”


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