Funtimes with Bears (Part 1): Action Shots 1-6

Operative Eric sent a bunch of pics back from his prowling around New Jersey. Here’s the first sampling:

Feeling the Christmas spirit yet? Watch Eric decorate this fuckin’ tree.

Staring Contest #2


"Lookit This Guy"

After burning the tree, Operative E went to the mall with his posse, as evidenced here in the parking lot.

Mahoganize This

But as we well know, mauling is no fun without proper lubrication, and there was a minor stop to be made first. (These last three are probably my favorite grouping of Action Shots ever, by the way.)


Chug! Chug! Chug!

Man in Yellow Shirt Wishes He Had Someone to Talk To (Besides His Bluetooth)

New Jersians don’t need straws.

Stay tuned! Eric’s mall adventures will continue tomorrow.

We should also mention that the kind folks who run the superawesome Tumblr Fuck Yeah Punk Jackets posted a picture of our first issue, which has given our website a healthy boost of traffic. A round of drinks for everyone!



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