Learn to Feed Yourself with the Safety Pin Review (Action Shots 12-15)/Forward to the Eleventh Issue

Due to the sluggishness of the US Postal Service during the holiday season and my own failings as an editor/lover, Issue Eleven has not yet arrived in the capable hands of this week’s operative (and last week’s author), Ben Nadler, of Brooklyn, NY. Here’s hoping that it comes in the mail today or tomorrow. Once it does, and we get a photo, it’ll be posted on the site straightaway. Sorry for the inconvenience.

On the other hand, there WILL be a radio show today, at 4 PM EST—featuring stories from both Issues Eleven and Ten—which can be streamed here (using the Amarok # in iTunes), and which will be posted for download on the site this evening. It promises to be punky.

But in the meantime…

The War on the Homefront

Who says you can’t take the SPR home with you? In this last batch of Issue Ten Action Shots, Operative Tara and Photographer Katie show us how to whip up some vegan pancakes, as only the SPR can.

"Lost & Searching" #3

Sprinkles?! On pancakes?! FUCK YES YOU CAN.

The Thumbtacks On the Freezer Door Are Color-Coordinated (And So Are You)

Photogra-Katie worked her magic on all of these as well. Such talent.

. . .

We humbly ask, WHO ELSE could mix literature and pancakes as easily as batter and soy milk? The answer, quite unequivocally, is no one.

Thanks to Operative Tara & Company for providing the most generous helping of Action Shots yet.


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