Anonymous Children: Issue Ten Action Shots 1-4

In honor of Thanksgiving and long-lost children, we have our first four Action Shots from Issue Ten, starring Ben Nadler and Operative Tara, coordinator in all things.

"We Only Buy Wholesale, Bitches"

Riding the shopping cart this way, you could very well pose a danger to yourself and others. BUT OPERATIVE TARA DON’T CARE NOTHING. ‘Cause there are bulk foods to be bought and time’s a-wasting. (Photo by Mz. Nicolette Balcerzak, progenitor of the operative.)

Mauling #1 (Glossy Surfaces)

Here, the SPR goes malling.

Mauling #2 (Those Shoes Once Had Feet)

The preceding two artful photos were taken by Ms. Kathleen O’Dell, who has a knack for such things.

Nom Nom Nom (Nom Nom Nom)

And here’s one from the Pick Me Up Café in downtown Chicago. Allegedly, they serve the best vegan mac n’ cheese anywhere. (This photo by Marisa Renwald.)

More to come. Now go eat some food, you lovers.


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