1994 & the Art of the Pop Single (Action Shots! 1-3 of Issue Three)

Three fair action photos of this week’s story by the wonderful and peerless Len Kuntz. And you can now listen to this week’s installment of “Centerpiece” (featuring Len’s story, thrice) via download.

Discovering that he is just not that into you

I am aware that these photos are probably beginning to seem somewhat repetitive; understand that this is the cost of living on a very, very small college campus, and that we are working on spreading our live message to a more geographically diverse audience. We have already acquired the services of several out-of-state operatives who will be wearing stories next month, and will gradually move out from there. Pardon as us we gain momentum.

Walking Billboard

In the meantime, please enjoy these lovely, nostalgically blurred photos, courtesy of T. Pry, once again (thanks for putting up with me, man).

Blur vs. Oasis

And lastly, a thank you, from the few of us here to the many of you out here. The subs, the tweets, the likes, the comments. We love you all.


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