More Issue One Action Shots!

Yesterday, at lunch, I was sitting in the cafeteria when an unknown figure in a red coat dropped a folded slip of paper on my table before shuffling out the nearest exit post-haste. I opened it to find the following message: I pocketed the note for later investigation.

@mohawko waiting for cafeteria

Shortly thereafter, in the same building, I exited the bathroom after washing my hands (because hygiene is important) at approximately the same time as a girl walked out of the women’s restroom next door. We walked parallel to each other for the space of about three seconds.

eating and conversing in said cafeteria

“It’s because of the back of your shirt,” she said.

The pieces clicked; this was the person from the cafeteria. “What is it?” I asked.

“It’s like a web comic, only better. It’s the same vernacular as the stuff on your shirt.”

“I’ll have to investigate that. Thank you for the tip.”

Nodding, and then we went our separate ways. So I’m here to report this tip, inspired by the words of xTx: A Softer World.

*These photos, again, credited to E. Kranz.


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