“We want to wear your fiction on our bodies.”

Welcome, visitor, to the SAFETY PIN REVIEW, a brand-new online/cloth-print D.I.Y. literary magazine. We publish >30 word stories online, hand-paint them onto back patches, and wear them around for a week at a time. You should read about what we do, and then get involved straightaway.

Bear with us and be kind as we fumble around and try to get everything to look right. And in the meantime, why don’t you read about us take a quick look at Issue Zero?

Help us find our footing on Twitter and Facebook.

Love to all,

Simon Jacobs



5 Responses to “SUBMIT!”

  1. 30 words?

  2. I be submittin foo!

    “I chase wolves through the woods, hunting Artemis through moonlit glens. Ahead of me that radiant goddess bathes naked ‘neath the stars.”

    • For the sake of our records, Mr. Pry, please submit to the email address specified on the Submissions page, and do include a 30-word or less bio, so we can use it should your story pass the exclusive and judgmental arbiters of content here at the Safety Pin Review.

      @mohawko and friends (real & imagined)

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